We would like to say thank you to all our sponsors for their generous donations in 2017. Their contribution comes at a time when the need is great, and will have a big impact on helping the Symphonic Winds of the Pacific keep wind band literature alive.

Their financial support provides our organization the strength and means to fulfill our mission of “sharing wind band literature with local communities in Southern California as well as local schools.”

Benefactors (a donation of $50 or more):

  • Cecilia Cloughly
  • Daniel McCarthy
  • Don Norton
  • Lori Rosenbauer Huff
  • Cory Stockhoff

Patrons (a donation of $25 to $49.99):

  • Greg Rochford
  • Craig Bohart
  • Polly Gorman

Sponsors (a donation of $10 to $24.99):