Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Symphonic Winds of the Pacific?
The Symphonic Winds of the Pacific (formerly The Claremont Winds) is a non-profit adult wind ensemble of professional, accomplished semi-professional and strong amateur musicians.

Can anybody join the ensemble?
We differ from many community wind ensembles in that membership is by solely by invitation or audition.

How does one get invited to join the ensemble?
Invitations or auditions are issued based on the current needs of the ensemble and the musicianship of a candidate. A candidate must be a top-level musician of at least college age and have extensive experience playing in wind ensembles. Several rehearsals per year are open to a potential member to sit in with the ensemble and, in effect, audition. The section leader will determine if it is appropriate to invite the candidate to join the ensemble based on the person’s capability, compatibility and commitment.

How often and where does the ensemble rehearse?
Generally, the ensemble rehearses once a month, often on the first Sunday of each month from 2:00 – 5:00 PM. Our regular rehearsal location is the band room of California School of the Arts San Gabriel Valley, in the city of Duarte.

How often and for what type of venues does the ensemble perform?
The ensemble performs 3-4 times per year. We generally perform two “serious” programs throughout the school year consisting of works from the finest wind ensemble literature. These selections are often at a difficulty level that is beyond a college wind ensemble’s ability to perform. We generally perform one concert during the summer of “lighter” wind ensemble music including show tunes and marches. We have played at many “concerts in the park” in nearby communities and at Disneyland.

Does is cost anything to be a member?
Members pay annual dues of $60.